10 Fun and Educational Activities to do with your Preschool or Elementary-Aged Child Over Spring Break

spring breakTo lead balanced lives, we all need a break from routine. Spring Break allows families to take vacations or engage in pursuits that they can’t schedule during the school year. Whether you go far away, or enjoy a “stay-cation,” here are some ideas for keeping your children cognitively engaged over Spring Break:

  1. Go to a local museum, the zoo, or the aquarium (https://visitmontgomery.com/things-to-do/family-fun/).
  2. Go to the library and find some new books.
  3. Ride your bikes around a neighborhood and compare and contrast the local architecture.
  4. Go hiking and identify wildflowers and plants.
  5. Create an original story, write it down, and illustrate it.
  6. Try a new art project (paper mâché, chalk pastels, sewing).
  7. Go to a concert (http://www.classicalkidsnfp.org, https://www.bsomusic.org/).
  8. See a play (http://www.imaginationstage.org, http://www.adventuretheatre-mtc.org/ , http://www.wayoffbroadway.com/.
  9. Participate in a spring break camp (http://www.roundhousetheatre.org/, http://www.adventuretheatre-mtc.org/ , https://www.our-kids.com/spring/spring-break-camp-guide).
  10. Cook a meal together!

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