Admissions Information

CJC_9088-webSeneca Academy seeks to admit a diverse population of students who are able to meet the academic and social expectations of the school. Seneca Academy is non-denominational and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, race, religion, politics, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status in the admission of children. We welcome the opportunity to communicate with parents about whether our school is a “good match” for their children.

The admissions processes for applicants to Parent’s Day Out, Preschool, and Elementary programs are slightly different. Please see Parent’s Day Out AdmissionsPreschool Admissions and Elementary Admissions for specific procedures at each level.

Parent’s Day Out (2’s) Program:

Click here for more information about enrolling in our Parent’s Day Out program for two-year-olds!

Preschool Deadlines:

Current Students: Priority Enrollment January 29-February 2; notification letters will be mailed in mid-February

New Students: Enrollment Mail-in Application postmarked no earlier than February 8th

Click here for Preschool Admissions Forms

K-5 Deadlines:

Current Students: Priority Enrollment through February 28th

New Students: For students completing the application process by February 16th, notification letters will be mailed beginning March 1.

Click here for K-5 Admissions Forms

Seneca Academy is nondenominational and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin in the admission of children. Seneca Academy seeks to admit students who will benefit from its philosophy, values, and program. Previous school records, teacher recommendations, and the applicant’s visit to our school help us assess the child’s ability and readiness to succeed within our classroom community of learners. Preference will be given to eligible candidates who attend Seneca preschool and their siblings.

The parent’s understanding and support of Seneca Academy’s philosophy and curriculum are necessary as we consider parents our partners in the education of their children.

Please visit an Open House to view our school, talk with our staff, and learn more about our programs. Parents of K-5 applicants may call 301-869-3728 to schedule a tour.