Emergency Plan

Parents are strongly encouraged to promptly inform the school of current home, work, and cell telephone numbers.  In addition, parents must provide at least two emergency contacts that are local to the school. This ensures that we can contact you or a designee in the event of an emergency.

Full Day School Closings or Delayed Opening

Kindergarten-008-webThe Head of School or her designee will determine the need to close school or delay opening due to snow or other weather emergencies or facilities problems. Information about school closings can be heard on radio stations WTOP and WMAL and on television channels 7 (ABC) and 8 (NewsChannel).  The most current information can be found at www.schoolsout.com. These sources will be notified about the school’s decision to close by 6:30 am.  Seneca Academy does not necessarily follow decisions of Montgomery County Schools regarding delay or cancellation.

Weather and Other Emergencies

Should a weather or other emergency occur while school is in session, teachers will be instructed on where to take their children. In the event of a weather emergency requiring shelter, teachers will be instructed to take their children to the lowest indoor place in the building, our lower hallway. Students will not be moved from this location until the Head of School or her designate determines that conditions are safe and directs students to move. The school has a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) emergency alert radio with batteries, which was provided by the Department of Homeland Security.  This radio has been programmed to alert for severe weather and major emergencies. The Head of School or her designee monitors this radio daily.

Early Closing

If it becomes necessary for School to close early due to weather or facilities problems, parents will be notified via the Emergency Phone Tree.  Morning preschool classes will typically dismiss as regularly scheduled and afternoon preschool classes will typically not be held.  Dismissal time for elementary will be communicated through class phone trees and www.schoolsout.com. All after-school activities (including Fox and Kit Clubs) will be cancelled.This information will also be placed on the school telephone 301-869-3728, and our website senecaacademy.org.

Code Blue

If MCPS announces a Code Blue situation, Seneca Academy will immediately check that all outside doors are locked and release children only to authorized adults.  Only persons known to the school or who can show acceptable cause and identification may enter the building.  All measures will be taken to assure the safety of students and personnel. See below for Code Blue procedures.

School Evacuation

If it becomes necessary to evacuate the building, students will be escorted to St. Nick’s Church, 15575 Germantown Road, Darnestown or Butler School, 15951 Germantown Road, Darnestown.

Seneca Academy
Code Blue Procedures

Should there be an emergency situation where children cannot leave the building, the following procedure will be used:

  1. All windows and doors will immediately be closed and locked.
  2. All students will be brought to the Gathering Room.
  3. Emergency water and light snacks will be dispensed as needed.
  4. Children will not be allowed to leave the building until the Maryland State Department of Education or the United States Government declares it is safe to exit the building.
  5. Children will not be released to parents until the appropriate governmental authorities indicate it is safe for students.  Parents should not come to the school until informed by public news sources.
  6. Teachers must remain with students until all are released to parents or their designees.