Foxtales 01-22-15

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Words from Dr. Carroll…

Talking About Manners

I believe that to fully prepare our students for life outside of Seneca Academy, we need to help them obtain a wide variety of skills. These of course include academic skills (reading, writing, math, etc.). But I can think of several people I know who are very “smart” yet have difficulty navigating social interactions. I believe that helping our young students learn and practice social skills is critical. To that end, the elementary students and I talked about “manners” at our last Tuesday morning assembly. We identified what we think manners are, why manners are important, and what manners look like. We’ll keep exploring this topic over the next couple of weeks. However, I am noticing more students looking me in the eye and responding “hello Dr. Carroll” when I greet them in the hallways… I believe they heard me!

I invite parents to have their own discussions about manners and their importance at home as well.

Seneca Spotlight: Music Instruction

We incorporate music  in all our classrooms from the preschool sing-alongs to the elementary percussion and recorder classes.  Music theory and performing are an important part of making a well rounded student.

Save the Date: Our Elementary Spring Concert will be held next door at St. Nick’s Church on Tuesday March 31st in the evening!

Around Campus

Our students have been having a wonderful week with Parent Visit Day, Traditions Presentations, Science Club experiments, MLK Day of Service activities and fun playing in the snow!

Parent Visit Day

Traditions Unit in Kindergarten

Zany Briany Snow

3rd Grade Snowman

2nd Grade Day of Service- Feed the Homeless Project

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