Foxtales 02-12-15

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Words from Dr. Carroll…


Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation- one of our IB/PYP attitudes. The third grade recently wrote down the things they appreciate about Seneca Academy. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • I love nature at Seneca Academy because it helps me learn.
  • At Seneca Academy we let our ideas flow.
  • Work is fun when we work together.
  • The awesome teachers help us blossom, just like this branch!
  • I love reading because there will always be a book you will love.
  • I like how we get choices in our learning at Seneca Academy.
  • We are put to challenges to learn how to think and learn what the answer is.
  • We learn to care for one another, when someone is hurt the whole class offers to help out.
  • I love being a risk taker because you can have new experiences.
  • We learn to write numbers in different ways in Seneca Academy.
  • I love writing at Seneca Academy because I get ideas from my friends.

Seneca Spotlight:

100th Day of School

Mrs. Hauck’s Kindergarten and Mrs. Webb’s 1st grade had fun celebrating and counting to 100 in celebration of the day.




Mad Hatter Tea Party

Mrs. Tanzi’s 4’s celebrated with their families and some crazy hats



The Great Zucchini

The preschool children enjoyed some magic and fun with our visiting guest, The Great Zucchini.

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