Foxtales 02-26-15

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Words from Dr. Carroll…

Winter Weather Woes

Thank you all for your flexibility and understanding as we have navigated the winter weather here. You have all gotten very good at checking the website for school closures and late starts. As you have experienced, sometimes we do the same as Montgomery County Public Schools, other times we chart our own course! Our goal is first and foremost the safety of our students and families, followed by the desire to have our students in school!

When students have been here, the significant cold has kept them inside more than we are accustomed. We pride ourselves on going outside in a variety of types of weather, as we believe that fresh air, unrestricted movement and unstructured play are important for all of our students. Nonetheless, safety is our first priority, and we have had to make the best of our indoor space for recess and P.E.

I know many of you join me in looking forward to spring- it is right around the corner!!

Seneca Spotlight:

National Archives Field Trip

Mrs. Luk’s 4th grade class visited the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, DC this past Tuesday. This field trip fits in perfectly with their current unit of inquiry: Governing Documents.  They participated in a hands-on Constitution Learning Lab and also got to see the original copies of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  It was an engaging and fun-filled fourth grade field trip

Newseum Field Trip

Ms. Waldt’s 5th grade class also went to Washington, DC – to the Newseum- in support of their Media unit of inquiry.  They visited several exhibits including Civil Rights, 9/11, and The Day Lincoln was Shot. The students were interested in the different points of view in media, especially photographs. It was a trip well worth the visit!

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