Foxtales 03-05-15

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Words from Dr. Carroll…

Congratulations to our faculty who model “life-long learning!”

Several of our teachers have recently received certificates for ongoing professional development and training. We honor their dedication and commitment to the continuous improvement of their teaching craft.

  • Keri Giller (3rd grade teacher) received a certificate in International Baccalaureate teaching while obtaining her Masters in Education.
  • Sue Ann Salimbene (preschool teacher) completed a 3-day training in Virginia with the International Baccalaureate in PYP Preschool Assessment.
  • Pam Hauck (kindergarten teacher), Donna Webb (1st grade teacher) and Tonia Luk (4th grade teacher) each completed a rigorous 4-week online course in PYP Assessment through the International Baccalaureate.
These learners are now taking the next step and sharing their new insights with their peer teachers. We appreciate their hard work!!
Several of these trainings were made possible by money raised through SAPA at our recent auctions. Thanks to the Seneca Academy community for supporting ongoing professional development for our teachers. Our students are the direct beneficiaries of your generosity!

Seneca Spotlight:

Yearbook Cover Art

Congratulations to 5th grader Caroline G. whose beautiful Yearbook Cover was voted this year’s winner by our students and faculty. Look for her design on our yearbook that will be delivered at the end of the year. Thanks to all of the students in 1st -5th grades who entered this contest. We applaud your creativity!

Third Graders Visit the Phillip’s Collection 

On Wednesday, the third graders rode the Metro down to Dupont Circle to see the Phillip’s Collection as part of their unit on Creative Expression. They participated in a wonderful workshop in addition to taking a tour of the museum. Afterwards, they went on an architectural walk around the neighborhood to view distinct building designs.

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