Foxtales 04-02-15

Words from Dr. Carroll…Balance

Why do we have Spring Break? Because it is important for all of us to find balance in our lives!! There is lots of research out there that supports the notion that we do our best work when we do not only focus on our work. Taking regular breaks for rest and rejuvenation is critical for students, teachers and administrators alike in order for each of us to do our best work.
We also need balance in our everyday lives, not just vacation time. That is why we make time in our days to focus on art, music, physical movement, socialization and rest. The fruits of our focus on music was heard by our elementary families last night at our annual Spring Concert. I always love this evening of song, recorder and percussion music. Our students performed beautifully and should be proud of their efforts. Thanks to our teachers who worked with them, and especially to music teacher.

Seneca Spotlight: Voice of America Field Trip

Thank you to Mr. Farag for hosting the 2nd grade class on a tour of the Voice Of America facility and allowing them to witness live radio and television broadcasts as well as what it is like to record in the studio.

Here are some impressions from the students:

” We went to the Voice of America on the bus and went through a metal detector.  The tour guide told us that Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy had visted there.  Mr. Farag let us be news reporters and we ate on the bus”- Sayre K.


” You should go to the VOA”- Ananya L.

” Thank you for inviting us and showing us around it was so cool…I loved it” – Irene K.

” VOA is very cool.  We got to see a lot of cool technology.”- Ian E.

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