Foxtales 05-07-15

Words from Dr. Carroll… Volunteerism

Seneca Academy is fortunate to have so many community members who volunteer here. Many of our parents volunteer their time and expertise on a regular basis (as I write this we have parents downstairs serving pizza, 2nd grade

dad, Mr. Kendall talked about oceanic maps in 2nd grade on Tuesday, and plans are underway for another parent-led Scholastic book fair and spring picnic!). We have had a flurry of student volunteerism recently when 4th graders facilitated a bake sale to raise money for earthquake victims in Nepal, 3rd graders raised money and supplies for Care Cases, and all elementary students worked in our gardens yesterday as we honored “Earth Day.”
Even our faculty and staff give extra time to the school! They are busy gearing up for our annual Trash to Treasures sale which will be held this Saturday. I hope parents recognize that they weren’t asked to donate time to this event – this is all run by teachers and administrators (lead by Pam Hauck)!
By volunteering, we share our most precious resources: time and effort. This is essential in enabling “extras” to happen in a small school such as ours. But volunteering to support our school is beneficial in others ways. It demonstrates to others (children and adults) our commitment to the community. It says “this place is so valuable to me, I’m willing to give more than just the minimum.” It certainly provides good role models for students to emulate. Research also shows that giving to others is an important element in feeling a sense of well-being.
Thanks to all of the many volunteers who make Seneca Academy so great. We appreciate all that you do!!

Seneca Spotlight: Habitat Day

It was a beautiful day for elementary students to work in our habitat. Under the leadership of our own gardener, Michelle Grantham, as well as our good-natured teachers, students weeded, planted, mulched, and created a new flower garden out of tires! Thanks everyone for your hard work!!

Camp Seneca Spotlight: Art Camp

Join our very own art teacher Mrs. Blake in an exploration of old masters and new techniques. Create masterpieces of your own in a variety of artistic styles and materials.

**Let your friends in public school know we will pro-rate the cost for art camp if they miss the first day due to their school schedule!!

  • Now is the time to register for our camps! 
  • The camp application and $25 registration fee is all that is needed to hold your spot.
  • Invite your neighborhood friends to join you! Additional camp information is available via these links or on our website.

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