Foxtales 05-21-15

Words from Dr. Carroll… Structured & Unstructured Play in the Summer

Have you ever heard the summertime referred to as a time of “brain-drain” for students? I think many Seneca Academy families have very busy, productive summers that keep children engaged in the type of student-lead, inquiry-based learning they receive here during the school year. Certainly family trips, reunions, and traditions provide this opportunities for children to learn and grow. Camps are another way to keep students engaged in productive learning activities.

Whether they focus on specific skills (art, video game design, sports) or more general adventure or variety camps, camps provide children opportunities that support social/emotional, thinking and problem-solving skills. The brain-drain happens when children are not engaged in stimulating social activities. So parents: keep your children active! Not necessarily scheduled and directed, just active.
Read here for my latest blog on the benefits of play-based learning for students-that is relevant to summertime activities as well!

Seneca Spotlight: Cultural Arts- Raptors

One of the many ways SAPA parent dues benefit our students is by providing “Cultural Arts” experiences. We had a particularly wonderful presentation on Tuesday by “Adventures with Raptors.”

Our preschool and elementary students were introduced to a variety of hawks and owls in a presentation in the gathering room. We met a Eurasian Eagle Owl, the largest species of owl in the world along with two one-month old Eurasian Eagle Owl chicks!


Then, we all went outside and watched a falcon fly around our back yard! It was a delightful morning and we thank the parents for their support!

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