Foxtales 05-28-15

Words from Dr. Carroll… Fire Station Visit

Last Friday I had the pleasure of driving a group of 5th graders and 3-year-olds to the Germantown Fire Station. This was an auction item in last fall’s Homecoming Hoedown. We had a wonderful tour of this beautiful station by friendly, funny, and generous firefighters. They even let our students climb on and touch the vehicles! Fun was had by all.
Do you wish that you had the opportunity to have your child driven to the Fire Station on the Seneca Academy bus for a tour? That opportunity will again be available at next year’s Homecoming Carnival! The date has been set:
Sunday, September 27th from 3-7pm at Seneca Academy. Save the Date!!

Seneca Spotlight: Where Does Our Food Come From?

1st Grade- Visited Red Wiggler Farm and Wegmans to learn the origin of the food they eat.

Community Spotlight: Heifer Fund Raising

As part of their unit of inquiry on food distribution and availability, 1st graders are raising money for Heifer International. They have learned that this organization supplies animals for families that provide them with both food and money.

This week the class had a snack sale during recess with ice cream, ice pops and fruit for sale.  It was a big hit!

Emerson, one of our first graders, wanted to try to raise more money for Heifer International to add to the class fund. She had a lemonade stand this weekend, and raised almost $80! Thanks for your good work and fundraising!

Through all the efforts of the class throughout the year, first grade has raised almost $700 which will help establish a source of income and food for over 30 families.

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