Foxtales 10-02-14

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Words from Dr. Carroll…

Interesting Facts about Upper Elementary!

As this newsletter is being sent, our upper elementary families are in a Middle School fair, where local schools (both private and public) set up information tables and have question and answer sessions. I am also available to work individually with families to facilitate a smooth transition to middle school. This is one of the many benefits of being in our upper elementary program, and I thought I’d list some of the others. These are, of course, in addition to our inquiry-based learning program, positive social environment, small class sizes, IB program, etc.

  • We have a 1-to-1 technology program in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  We use laptops and Chromebooks as tools right in the classroom to support our daily learning and activities. To facilitate this, we have a technology curriculum that allows students to develop skills in keyboarding, word processing, document management, website research, internet safety, computer presentations, and data management.
  • We foster leadership skills. Even our shy/quiet students have opportunities to make decisions, offer opinions, and  present information to small and large groups in a safe, supportive environment. These opportunities in 3rd and 4th grades pave the way for students to take on a formal leadership role as a Safety Patrol. In addition to daily carpool duties (helping students in and out of cars, enforcing safety, and raising and lowering the flags), Patrols have monthly meetings with our Patrol supervisor, Officer Johnson, discuss and make decisions regarding school-wide safety, work together to agree upon scheduling and roles, and take on leadership roles in our weekly assemblies.
  • We facilitate Exhibition in 5th grade. Exhibition is the culmination of study at and IB/PYP school where students engage in an independent study. While the in-depth work on the exhibition will happen in the spring, our 5th graders have already begun the process of thinking about and collecting relevant issues to study. Topics on their bulletin board currently include water use, border control, the relationship between humans and pets, global warming, and many more! Next spring they will work in small groups to research and present their findings. This process will require them to use the various skills they have learned (observing, questioning, collaboration, organization, time-management, reading, writing, presenting etc.). The exhibition presentations the last 2 years have been very impressive. They are a wonderful display of the deep thinking and wide skills our students gain in our program. Please CLICK HERE for the full FOXTALES

Elementary In the Classroom

Upper Elementary spends time with the Lower Elementary as Reading Buddies


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