Goals for the New Year

I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolution kind of gal. Although I believe in the power of setting goals, I think they are much more meaningful when they are based on current interests and desires rather than in response to an external time, date, or tradition. Nonetheless, a recent blog post I read made me think about what my resolutions might look like- if I were to make some.Brooke head shot

  1. I will talk with my family members as if they are the most important, treasured people on earth. How often do we take out our daily frustrations, worries, etc. on the people closest to us? I don’t think it is because we don’t care about them, but that we know they are safe and will love us no matter what. Of course we make mistakes, but I think with some forethought and consideration, we can change the way we talk with one another to be more supportive and loving. I think Rachel Macy Stafford, who writes the blog “Hands Free Mama,” expresses this beautifully here: Hands Free Mama
  2. I will do what I know to be healthy- as much as I can! There is a plethora of data out there that remind us what we already know: eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep are the triumvirate of healthy practices. It is so easy to conveniently forget this- I will work to remember and practice being healthy throughout the year.
  3. I will work to minimize stress. This goes along with #2. I actually love my job, and look forward to coming to work every day. This helps me work long hours. But I still have stress points, and I will work to minimize them. See Rachel Macy Stafford’s writing About Hands Free for more thoughts on this. I will also engage in those stress-reducing activities that help mitigate daily stresses such as meditation, stretching, and exercise.
  4. I will spend quality time with my children. When my husband and I were making the decision to have children, we didn’t talk about looking forward to nagging them about getting homework done or sitting at the dinner table silently while they played games on their cell phones (OK, there weren’t really cell phones back then- but you know what I mean! J). We looked forward to engaging in interesting activities and meaningful conversations with them. I know that we have precious few years left with our children so close to us-so I’ll work to make sure the ratio of positive types of activities and conversations outweigh the nagging and silence.
  5. I will be gentle with myself. I am not perfect, and never will be unfortunately. I’ll work towards being more OK with that!

I guess these are goals for life for me- whether I call them New Year’s Resolutions or not. What are yours?

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