Leading Healthy Active Lives…#LetsMove

My-Plate-PosterSeneca Academy promotes balance in all aspects of our lives to achieve well-being for ourselves and those around us. To help our students understand how to lead balanced lives, we teach and practice healthy habits such as exercise and nutrition throughout our curriculum. Our 5th grade students’ “My Plate” posters can be seen all around our school. These were produced during a nutrition unit with our P.E. teacher. Our first graders will study food production, availability, and distribution later this spring. And all of our classes discuss healthy foods as they eat together in their classrooms for lunch.

Where does food come from?

Our gardener, Mrs. Grantham, also helps our students understand where our food comes from with plantings and gardens around the school. She helps us plant and harvest peppers, greens and other edibles.

Getting Moving Outside

Our students have time outside every day! We think that being in nature, getting fresh air, and moving our bodies are all essential elements of a healthy day, and therefore these elements are part of our curriculum. We go outside for recess, physical education, and class time. P.E. classes focus on teaching and practicing movement that is fun, relevant, and replicable. Outdoors in March 037We are so fortunate to have 6 ½ acres of land on which to run, jump, skip, roll, and play! Even when we stay indoors, we are balanced, as our learning times include both seat work and active learning activities such as singing, movement, presenting, creating models, etc.


Seneca Academy supports the First Lady’s efforts to promote healthy eating and movement for everyone through the #LetsMove campaign. Their research shows that in addition to keeping kids healthy and strong, being active for 60 minutes a day has been shown to:

  • Boost academic performance
  • Increase concentration and focus
  • Improve classroom attendance and behavior
Seneca Academy teachers and students demonstrate the positive effects of living balanced, healthy lives every day!


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