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Private Elementary Schools in MD

Throughout the past several years, we have gathered information from parents regarding why they send their children to Seneca Academy.

We compiled a list of the “Top 10” reasons why parents love Seneca Academy:

  1. Students are encouraged to think, question, and reason.
  2. There are many opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. 
  3. Teachers model respect, enthusiasm, and the joy of learning.
  4. Parents are active, engaged, and enjoy positive social relationships with each other.
  5. Students feel supported, challenged, and encouraged.
  6. Academic activities are relevant, meaningful, and developmentally appropriate.
  7. Teachers create personal relationships with their students so they are supported as individuals academically, socially, and emotionally.
  8. Teachers have the flexibility to respond to teachable moments. Private Elementary Schools in MD
  9. Students are actively engaged all day long; time isn’t wasted on meaningless testing, unnecessary waiting, or busy-work.
  10. Everyone feels welcome at Seneca Academy.

As the Seneca Academy Head of School, I’m delighted that these are the highlights identified by parents; as a parent of two former Seneca Academy students, I can attest to how these highlights enriched and enhanced my own children’s lives!


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