The best job in the world!

I have the best job in the world!! In my role as Head of School, I am able to see excellent teachers engage eager students in meaningful work. I observe happy children interacting with peers whom they trust and respect. I witness caring young people who translate their studies into action, aimed at helping others.

My gratitude for this opportunity was heightened recently when I accompanied the 5th grade class on a field trip. We went on an Underground Railroad hike to support their unit of inquiry on conflict and the U.S. Civil War. I was struck by how many of our IB learner profile attributes the students displayed on our trip. I loved seeing the expression on our conductor’s face as our students provided extremely knowledgeable responses to his questions (e.g. C:“Why was it called the Underground Railroad?” S:“Well, a man named Tyce Anderson was crossing from Kentucky to Ohio…”). They were very principledas they went through the

2-hour, 3-mile hike, needing no discipline or behavior management at all! They were excellent inquirerswith their insightful questions, and independent thinkers as they came up with solutions to the conductor’s problem scenarios depicting what runaway slaves encountered. They were caring of each other throughout the trip, but especially after our picnic lunch when they were asking one another who wanted to be part of a tag game. Finally, they were reflective on the bus ride home when Ms. Luk asked them to discuss what they had experienced and learned.

The best part is that I could write paragraphs about eachclass of students in our school like the one above! I see our students demonstrate these character traits every day. Thanks to parents, teachers and students for giving me such a wonderful work environment!!

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