Seneca Academy relies upon and values the many ways our community contributes to our school. We have a dedicated group of parents who volunteer their time in the classroom, in our gardens, and facilitating community activities. We have adults who share their talents by serving on committees, giving presentations to students, and connecting us with partners. And many families, alumni, faculty and staff and friends of Seneca Academy donate money by giving to the Annual Fund, attending our Annual Benefit, and participating in other activities such as restaurant nights, book fairs and raffles.

We are grateful for each and every contribution, big and small. For more information about how to give of your time, talents and money, please see below.

Donating Money

Seneca Academy facilitates two major fundraising activities: the Annual Fund and the Annual Benefit. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.


Donate to Our Annual Fund


Thank you for making a gift to the Seneca Academy Annual Fund!

Volunteering Time and Talents

Parents should communicate directly with their child’s classroom teacher regarding opportunities for volunteering in the classroom. Parents who have backgrounds or interests that might be shared with students on a small or large scale may also get in touch with their child’s classroom teacher, or may contact the office. In addition, the Seneca Academy Parent Association (SAPA) sponsors many events during the year that are assisted by parent time and enhanced by specific parent talents. Click here to volunteer with SAPA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the Annual Fund?
    The Seneca Academy Annual Fund is a yearly request for financial contributions from all members of our school community. The funds raised go directly to support the school’s operating budget. Requests for contributions begin in October and continue through the end of the school year. Like all independent schools, Seneca Academy relies on both tuition income and charitable gifts to cover the total cost of educating our students.
  2. How is the Annual Fund related to the operating budget?
    Annual Fund donations support all aspects of the budget, including the cost of professional development, extracurricular programs, faculty benefits, and campus improvements. Donations cover the gap between tuition income and annual expenses.
  3. Why doesn’t tuition cover the cost of education at Seneca Academy?
    Seneca Academy is committed to diversity and does not want tuition to be a barrier to families who wish to be a part of our community. The Board of Trustees and the Administration are committed to keeping tuition increases to a minimum.
  4. Who participates in the Annual Fund?
    Members of the entire Seneca Academy community participate in the Annual fund. The school requests donations from current and past parents, trustees, faculty, grandparents, and friends from the community. The broad participation Seneca Academy enjoys from all these groups shows the widespread support for Seneca Academy’s mission.
  5. Why is participation in the Annual Fund so important?
    Meeting Seneca Academy’s budget needs requires contributions – of all sizes – from the entire community. In addition, the school seeks grants from foundations and non-profit organizations. These groups are more inclined to award grants to schools that have high participation levels. So whether you are giving $20 or $3,000, the most important part is that you are giving.
  6. What is the difference between the Annual Fund and the Annual Benefit?
    As a member of the Seneca Academy community, you are likely to hear a lot of talk about both the Fund and the Benefit. Both are important fundraising activities. The Annual Fund, as we have mentioned, supports the general operating budget. The Annual Benefit is a social event sponsored by the Seneca Academy Parent Association (SAPA). With the funds raised at the Benefit, SAPA will purchase various items to support the educational program at the school. Past purchases have included playground equipment, laptop computers, preschool supplies, and library books.
  7. Does Seneca Academy accept matching gifts?
    Yes! Seneca Academy is grateful to the many corporations that support the school through their generous matching gift programs. This kind of corporate support makes a significant contribution to Seneca as it can double or triple the size of your gift. If you need more information on your employer’s matching gift program, please click on the orange tab to the right for assistance from our office or contact your employer’s human resource department directly.
  8. How much should we give?
    Our goal is 100% participation and your gift, no matter the size, will help us meet that goal. Donations to the Annual Fund typically range from $20 to $3,000. We ask each family to carefully consider what they may be able to give. Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated and go directly to support school programs and services in the current year.
  9. What other fundraising occurs at Seneca Academy?
    The Administration and Trustees recognize the financial commitment every family makes to be a part of Seneca Academy and therefore do not continually ask them to participate in additional “fundraisers” during the year. At the beginning of the year our parents’ association, SAPA, collects a fee for every registered student. SAPA uses these funds to sponsor a variety of family activities throughout the year at no additional charge. In addition, they provide several events and activities throughout the year in addition to the Benefit, where proceeds from the event support the school. Examples of these activities include book fairs, restaurant nights and raffles. However, there is no requirement that families participate in any fundraising event or activity, other than the request of participation in the Annual Fund.