Parent’s Day Out for 2-Year-Olds

Seneca Academy has been providing a safe, nurturing environment for children since 1983. We recently expanded our program offerings to include Parent’s Day Out for 2-year-olds.  This program follows our school’s long tradition of developmentally appropriate and engaging experiences for young children.

The Parent’s Day Out program has two primary goals. First, the program provides parents an opportunity to leave their children for a few hours in a safe and nurturing setting on a consistent schedule every week. Our second goal is to help young children gain independence skills as they practice separating from their parents and interacting in a group setting.

During their time in Parent’s Day Out, children will experience many activities including music and movement, outdoor play, story time, and arts & crafts. The schedule of the day is designed to be responsive to the needs of children as they transition from 2-year-old toddler to 3-year-old preschooler.  All children are encouraged to explore at their own pace and comfort level. There is a plan for each day that includes both active and quiet times, and provides the children opportunities to socialize with peers and adults. The children also enjoy a snack provided by Seneca Academy* and a lunch brought from home.

To ensure that each child receives the attention that he or she requires, our Parent’s Day Out groups typically include 12 children with 2 leaders. Parent’s Day Out leaders have training in early childhood education, as well as certification in CPR and First Aid. Most importantly, our leaders are proficient in guiding children through their first experiences in a structured group setting.

*Please contact the Seneca Academy office for our food allergy policy.

For additional information, please call (301) 869-3728.

Join our 2018-2019 Full Year Program!

  • One day per week on Tuesday or Thursday from 9:15 am – 1:00 pm
  • NEW! Two days per week on Monday and Wednesday from 9:15a.m. – 1:00p.m.
  • Classes run October 2018 through May 2019
  • One-day program: $1,100 yearly tuition plus $20 registration fee** (Payment plans available)
  • Two-day program: $2,000 yearly tuition plus $20 registration fee** (Payment plans available)

Admissions Procedures for New Students

Pick up or download a Parent’s Day Out Application and Class Selection Form. Complete and mail in these two forms on or after April 16th.

Applications postmarked on April 16 receive priority.

Fill out one PDO Application and Class Selection Form for each child that you are registering. Be sure to indicate your first and second choice of classes on the Class Selection Form.

Placement calls will begin on Friday, May 4th.

**Please do not send any payment at this time.

Admissions Procedures for Current Families

Pick up or download a Parent’s Day Out Application and Class Selection Form. Complete these two forms and return to the office or place in your child’s folder on or after April 9th. Current families will receive priority enrollment starting on Monday, April 9th and running through April 13th.

Placement calls will be made home on Friday, April 20th.

**Please do not send any payment at this time.

Download Parent’s Day Out Forms

Pick up or download the Parent’s Day Out Application and the Class Selection Form:

Parent’s Day Out Application

Parent’s Day Out Class Selection Form