Preschool Curriculum


Children in the preschool program are introduced to language arts, mathematics and scientific thinking, social studies, art, music and physical development in ways that are appropriate for their age and ability. Daily schedules include activities that are child-directed and teacher-directed and are balanced with “busy” and quiet times. Children have many opportunities to choose activities that are of interest. Our curriculum is guided by The Creative Curriculum for Preschool by Dodge, Colker and Heroman as well as by The Active Learning Series by Cryer, Harms, and Ray.

Older students have group singing and Spanish with the Spanish Specialist. All students participate in music, movement, and art during class time. In addition, all students have an active gross motor period daily.

In addition, we realize young children need time to practice their socialization skills as they begin the journey toward independence. At Seneca Academy preschool, each child experiences a supportive and nurturing environment that provides ample time for guided exploration. Practicing cooperative behavior with classmates and solving problems prepares them for future success. Children examine and explore objects and materials and are stimulated to learn more about their environment. They participate in dramatic play to encourage language, expand life experience and heighten cognitive functions. Each center in the room provides the variety of explorations necessary to stimulate thinking and intellectual growth.

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