Elementary (K-5)

Seneca Academy has been authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization as a World School offering the Primary Years Program. Through the IB/PYP, we help students develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world.  Since 1998 our elementary program has provided an academically challenging, developmentally appropriate program for young students. The program is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education and accredited by the Association of Independent Maryland Schools.

Seneca Academy patrolsThe elementary curriculum at Seneca Academy is designed to teach students to think deeply, communicate effectively, and interact positively. To achieve these goals, Seneca uses an inquiry-based approach to engage students in every subject. In addition to learning foundational subject knowledge, students are taught to solve problems, think critically, make connections, plan, and organize time and materials.

Students at Seneca Academy demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways. They may take a written test, participate in questioning and conversation, write a report, prepare a speech, or create a model to provide evidence of their understanding. Our assessment strategies emphasize higher level thinking skills that encourage students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate

the information they learn. In addition to a challenging academic program, Seneca Academy incorporates the Responsive Classroom curriculum, emphasizing cooperation, respect, and responsibility. Furthermore, community service is encouraged at all grade levels and is integrated into the curriculum.

Seneca Academy offers many extracurricular activities to round out our students’ education. Our clubs change seasonally in order to expand the variety of experiences we offer. Throughout the year students may participate in activities such as: band, studio art, chorus, sculpting, drama, soccer, landscape & nature, filmmaking, yoga, cooking, and violin.

When students complete their education at Seneca Academy they are well prepared to excel in other private, public, or parochial school programs. Our results from the Stanford Achievement Test, a nationally normed test, indicate that, on average, our students are performing significantly above grade level in both language arts and math.

The Seneca Academy faculty delivers a challenging and caring environment that enables each child to work toward his or her potential. Each classroom teacher holds at least a bachelor’s degree and maintains current credentials as required by the Maryland State Board of Education.